Flashings And Accesories

Arko offer a complete range of Roof flashings and Accesories. These include Ridge Cap, Barge Cap, Drip, Eaves, Gutters, Turbo Ventilator, Self Drilling Screw, Silicone Sealant, Butyl Tape. It is important that these are versatile and practical, but perhaps the ability to enhance the appearance of any building is of prime concern.

  • Architectural Industrial Design Flashings.
  • Rust free - Self Drilling Screw.
  • 10 years warranty on Turbo Ventilator.
  • No solvent - eco-friendly Butyl Tape & Silicone Sealant.
  • Butyl rubber operates well between -40o c and 160o c.

For Roof & Cladding Flashings

Arko offer a complete range of Roof flashings and Accesories. These include Ridge Cap, Barge Cap, Drip, Eaves, Gutters

Flashings are folded flat sheets used to cover the joint between the wall and the roof at the gable ends of buildings. All flashings are 3 metres (10ft) in length and can be made to fit most shapes.

Self Drilling Screw

Arko offer qualitative range of Self Drilling Screws that conform to international and industry quality standards. These products are corrosion resistant Zinc Coating and are Xylan coated..

Leak proof & Non Breakable EPDM washer, Choice of colored plastic Hex head caps that match the color of roofing sheet.

Turbo Ventilator & Silicone Sealant.

Roof Top Turbo Air Ventilator is a unique air ventilation system. It is a power saving exhaust, which is fixed on to industrial roof tops for round the year effective ventilation and that too at no running cost.

One ventilator generally covers approximately 300 Sq. Ft. of floor area. Sizes 21 Inch and 24 Inch With Polycarbonate base-plate.

Turbo Vent Installation With Flashings.

Arko team are expert with 25 years experience to provide you solution for your building, Our experts generate bill of quantity as per actual needs which saves your money and wastage. Arko are handling projects with 200+ workers in pan india. We provide free inspectoin service at your door, We use proper safety equipements like Safetly Belt, Safety Shoes, Helmet, Glooves, Eye Protector, High Visibility Jacket, Ear Protector.

Arko takes Low Time & Money and gives you Satisfaction & Durability with colors.



  • ARKO Team done a good job for my project requirment, I found the one stop solutoin provider. I liked ARKO !

    thmub Raju Sinha

    A One Contractor

  • Excellent services given by Arko Team, They had given me solution for my project at ghaziabad and also Arko has given me good price and quality.

    thmub Tarun Nayak

    Nayak Engineering.

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