Puf Sandwich Panels

Arko team are having years of experience in Supplying and Installation of prefabricated panels like Roof Panel, Wall Panel, Ceiling Panel and PUF Slab.


  • High energy saving and low thermal conductivity
  • High tensile steel material with 20+ Color option.
  • EcoFriendly panels with cam lock and tongue and groove joint.
  • Corrosion & Maintenance Free panels.
  • Easy install, Money Saving, Aesthetic Look

Roof Panel

Arko made superior quality Roofing Panel which can be use to cover your roofs at Bungalow, Farm House, Industrial Shed, Cold Storage , Terraces. Asbestos sheet can also replaced by Arko eco-friendly roofing panels.

Wall Panel

Arko made cam lock & tongue groove wall sandwich panels for cold storage & cold rooms, supermarket, clean roof, pharmaceutical and etc. Wall panel are easy to install, energy saving, price and time saving.

Ceiling Panel & Doors

These Panels are used to freezing like Cold Rooms, Ice cream storage. Its also comes with cam lock & tongue groove locking systems with high tensile steel. Arko also made doors Like Hatch Doors, Cold Rooms Door, Clean Room Door, Sliding Door in various thickness.

Prefabricate Panel Installation

Arko team are expert with 25 years experience to provide you solution for your building, Our experts generate bill of quantity as per actual needs which saves your money and wastage. Arko are handling projects with 200+ workers in pan india. We provide free inspectoin service at your door, We use proper safety equipements like Safetly Belt, Safety Shoes, Helmet, Glooves, Eye Protector, High Visibility Jacket, Ear Protector. Arko uses only high quality SCREWS, SILICON SELANT, CAPS, BUTYL TAPE AND ANCHOR FASTNERS.

Arko takes Low Time & Money and gives you Satisfaction & Durability with colors.


  • ARKO Team done a good job for my project requirment, I found the one stop solutoin provider. I liked ARKO !

    thmub Raju Sinha

    A One Contractor

  • Excellent services given by Arko Team, They had given me solution for my project at ghaziabad and also Arko has given me good price and quality.

    thmub Tarun Nayak

    Nayak Engineering.

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